a disastrous day

Considering Langston is only a week old, we’ve had appointments every day this week: 2 day check up, newborn photo shoot (part 1 and 2), WIC appointment, and hematology appointment. So yesterday was just as busy as any other day. After our appointments I decided to stop at Walmart for laundry detergent and dish soap.


Issue number 1: I didn’t account for when I walk down every aisle and get stuff that didn’t realize I needed.


Remember all I needed was 2 things, right?




I remember that I hadn’t got his WIC benefits so I grabbed his formula. Heading for the checkout, I remembered I forgot to grab nursery water and back to the baby section so went, loading as much as I can into the basket his stroller provided. Then he gets fussy so I take him out of his seat and carry him. It gave me more room for the 2 gallons of water I bought for myself. I’m breastfeeding at the moment so I run through a case of 35 water bottles in two days.


Issue number 2: I thought it was gonna be easier using his car seat and stroller as a buggie.




Here I was in the middle of the main aisle, Langston in my arms with stuff attempting to fall from everywhere I had put it. I put the brakes on his stroller and attempted to fix it.


I have people walking past me, staring at how cute he was BUT NOT TRYING TO HELP ME. Of course I know that no one is obligated to help but these people were really stopping to look at my child while I was sitting on the floor getting the items I wanted situated.

Back to the checkout I went…

When I got there, the lady asked me how I was and if I found everything okay. It was almost as if I had the word “stressed” written on my forehead. All I could do is let out a deep sigh. She said “I know that feeling.” She scanned everything, I paid. She called for someone to help me with my groceries. She told me “Get you some rest. Have a blessed day.”

It made me feel better that someone noticed how exhausted and overwhelmed I was. The little gestures she did like asking how I was and getting me help definitely made a difference in my shopping experience.

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