first flight

So of course, LJ has extended family all over the United States and everyone was trying to come to us including his grandfather and great grands. Sadly, my grandma’s husband got T-boned and couldn’t travel.

Which meant that we had to make an alternate plan… resulting in us traveling for the first time.

As soon as our flight was booked, I started to panic not knowing how I was going to manage a newborn, on a flight… alone.

Off to pinterst I went, searching everything I could think of…

  • where to buy a carseat bag
  • how to keep his ears from popping
  • how to keep him asleep for the whole flight
  • how to avoid other passengers getting frustrated with him if he decided to have a hissy fit

And the list goes on…

So the Sunday prior to our Tuesday flight comes and I still hadn’t packed so I’m asking my mo what to take.. asking how the weather is.. ultimately, I ended up packing almost all his clothes because I couldn’t decide and rather have too much in case we ran into an accident.. WHICH WE DID.

Tuesday morning comes and I’m beyond exhausted. 5:30 wake up and I didn’t go to bed until like 12:30 between my mom having to go to the store and Langston fighting his sleep. We leave at 6:30 and the ride was great no issues until we get to the exit right before the airport. Traffic comes to a halt and the man behind us wasn’t paying attention, almost hit us.


We get to the airport and they installed this weird “toll” to get into the terminals WITH NO INSTRUCTIONS on the buttons to push so we’re cutting it close. 9:30 and my plane boards at 9:50. We get to the curbside check with 20 minutes to spare. Then the TSA precheck line was super long, not to mention I had breastmilk in his diaper bag so they had to check and make sure there were no explosives. At this point, I’m pretty much running to our gate to make sure I don’t miss our flight. I MADE IT! Right as they started boarding, winded as hell but I made it and that’s all that mattered. I transferred him from his carseat to his moby wrap, gate checked his bag and got on the plane. He did great. Slept almost halfway through the flight then I had to change him. That was easy since all the place are equip with changing tables now.


He shits and all I feel is my hand get wet… out the side of his diaper. Back to the bathroom I go and change him and his clothes. He goes back to sleep until we have like 45 minutes left. Wakes up hungry

No problem, since I had bottles ready.


He gets full, burps and then projectile vomits all over me and himself. Luckily, being the prepared mom that I am, I had more clothes. There was a sweet woman next to us that helped me clean him up while I was trying to wipe the milk off myself. LIFESAVER.

So we get to the airport, land, and deboard.

Little did I know the baggage claim was all the way on the other side of the JFK airport. So again I’m trying to hurry up. I’m going up like 6 different escalators, winded as hell.

I finally make it to discover that our bags weren’t coming from the plane yet. But on the bright side my grandma was there waiting on j us so we got to chit chat.

So if you’re a new parent having to travel alone… don’t be scared. Just make sure baby is fed and they’ll sleep pretty much the whole time.

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