day 1 of forever: langston’s birth story

Trust me, my birth went the exact opposite of how I planned it to go. I had a very vivid birth plan including no pain medication, labor at home for as long as I could stand it and most of all, NOT BEING INDUCED. So for the most part, I had envisioned a calm, collected birth. Boy, I was in for a rude awakening.

Many of you don’t know the back story of my pregnancy. For starters, I found out December 9, 2016, that I was expecting and I was COMPLETELY shocked. So much, in fact, I got an elective ultrasound just to make sure my body wasn’t playing jokes on me. Indeed, it was official. I was going to be a mom and Google became by best friend…(as much as it shouldn’t).

Langston was due August 23rd due to having complications with my platelet levels, I was induced at 39 weeks on August 16th.

When my induction was scheduled, my high risk doctor told me to call in at 0600 to be sure that they had a bed ready for when I got there. So that morning, I woke up at around 0430 and couldn’t fall back asleep. I waited around until 0530 to call about my room. The nurse told me things were hectic and to call back at 0800. Frustrated, I said okay and waited  until 0845 to call instead of their recommended 0800 to possibly have a better outcome. Still, I was told to call back… this time at 1100. Again, a little more irritated than the last I waited and called like I was told. This time, the charge nurse was in a meeting. Aggravated to the point of tears, I got off the phone and decided to take a nap since I was still waiting.

The next call I got was from a random 915 number at around 1220. I thought to myself, “If this isn’t the hospital, I’m gonna lose it.” And the Lord must have known because sure enough it was a nurse from the hospital saying to come in at 1300 and to be sure that I ate before I came in case they didn’t allow me to eat before I gave birth. I woke my mom up, beyond excited, and started packing everything to take to the hospital. On the way, I stopped at Taco Bell and ate like a complete pig!!! Then off to the hospital we went…

Up to the 4th floor and checked in at the front desk, I waited for someone to come get me from the back. In the mean time, I chatted with a with the women in the waiting room. And my time came, the nurse calls me and things got real. I told my mom, “I dont know if I wanna do this. I’m nervous.” Sarcastically, she replies, “Too bad, it’s time for me to meet this baby. We waited long enough.”

After going to the back, they admitted me and asked a billion questions. Following that, my midwife, Regina Vadney, came to greet me and explain all my induction options (foley bulb, cytotec, pitocin). I was terrified of having the foley bulb inserted especially since I wasn’t medicated so I didn’t know how it was going to feel. I told her that I wanted to try one dose of cytotec to see where it would get me and go from there. So she walks out and tells the nurse “1 cytotec, no bulb.” They came back to insert the pill into my cervix at 1657 and told me to wait 20 minutes before getting up so it could dissolve. Talk about the LONGEST 20 minutes of my life. Not to mention I was convinced that I would be in labor all night because I was a first time mom and apparently labor is “longer” for us.

I was having contractions here and there for the next two hours. Nothing major, just a little pressure. At 1804, everything got so real. I should mention that my pain tolerance is like a three on a ten point scale. At that point my contractions were back to back and each one was stronger than the one before it. I decided that I waited long enough and I wanted some type of relief. IV MEDICATION. So I had my mom dial the nurse since I couldn’t exactly get my words out. She came in and I expressed my concerns like I had since the process started. She left and came back with my midwife.

This is where I started to hate my midwife… which has been there my entire pregnancy.

She tells me that she wants to wait to give me the medication because she didn’t feel that I was dilated enough… WITHOUT CHECKING ME! How do I get refused medicine without being checked?! Of course, I can’t question this lady because this is what she does for a  living. Slightly belligerent while contracting I say okay and she left.

*shifts in Labor and Delivery change*

Now my midwife is Merry Fontenot, yet another familiar face. She asks me how I’m feeling and I think to myself “I sound like a mooing cow. How do you think I feel?” I told her everything that happened so she checked me. And to our surprise, I WAS A WHOLE 7 CM. She asked if I wanted the epidural and as much as I wanted to say no, it was too late for me to get IV intervention. Epidural, it was.

It took them about 20 minutes from the time I got checked for the anesthesiologist to come. I was terrified and cold. I was shaking so bad you’d think I was hanging a seizure. They clean my back place the plastic barrier and it was nothing but relief from there About an 15 minutes pass, my epidural had fully kicked in and catheter had been placed. Laying there thinking I had time to relax, they checked me again. 10 CM and this boy was coming. The pressure was real. I did a few practice pushes with my nurse to get him to come down some. Then she leaves to get Mrs. Fontenot. All I felt was the urge to poop. All I could say was, “Mom, they better hurry up. I feel like I gotta shit.”

No sooner than I said that, my team was there. I couldn’t feel my contractions because the epidural had numbed me so much. They coached me on when and how to push. I began to feel light-headed so they put me on oxygen and I continued my efforts to get my sweet boy out. As time continued, my epidural wore off just enough for me to feel the pressure of my contractions. I was told to push when I felt ready. From there, the oxygen mask came off and all my emotions went to me pushing. THEN, his heart rate started going crazy. Pushing ceased until it regulated and they had to give me an episiotomy. Seven hours of labor (five and a half of which were unmedicated), forty-five minutes of pushing, and two stitches later, my first-born had arrived. 


Langston Terrance Jamil Frye. Wednesday, August 16, 2017. 7 pounds. 0.7 ounces. 19.5 inches long 

It’s definitely a love that words can’t describe. A natural high. An overwhelming amount of emotions. The best feeling a woman can ever have.

Mommy loves you, baby boy.

4 thoughts on “day 1 of forever: langston’s birth story

  1. Beautiful story Vache! He is a beautiful little boy and your going to be a great mommy. Everything a women goes through just to bring another life into this world and it’s all so worth it. Enjoy every minute of everyday with him because the years go by so fast. God bless you and baby Langston. Give him lots of kisses from me and uncle Wesley. We love you😘😘.

    1. Thank you so much! I thought I knew what love was and I definitely didn’t until I had him. It’s something I can’t even describe! I love you guys so much!

  2. Laboring for a delivery is terrible. Mine was completely awful. It’s definitely not for the weak. You certainly proved your a strong woman. He’s gorgeous my dear and so lucky to have a mommy so completely in love with him. ♡

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